Stark is currently available as an integration in three different tools for designers, and with that comes a few different ways to install. Check out this article to see the variety of ways to quickly and easily get started.


Since Sketch doesn’t have its own in-app repo for plugins, there are a few ways you can get going with Stark in Sketch. 

  1. Old Fashioned: If you already are on our homepage and want to use Stark, the quickest way to get started here is by clicking the Sketch logo and installing straight from there. To get Stark installed and ready to use in Sketch..

    → Navigate to wherever your file downloaded on your computer (usually Downloads)
    → Open the downloaded folder  
    → Double-click the Stark.sketchplugin  file while Sketch is open

    Done! Doing so is the manual way to install, but you'll still automatically be informed by Sketch when we push updates.
  2. Recommended: Install Stark via Sketch Runner, Sketchpacks, or Sketch Toolbox by searching for Stark.

Adobe XD

Once you open Adobe XD, you’re automatically taken to your Welcome screen. In the left side menu, click on Add-Ons. From there you can find Stark in a variety of places:

  1. Editor’s Choice by scrolling down
  2. Clicking on Plugins and find us under:
    - Essential Plugins
    - Editor’s Choice
    - Search for Stark

Once you find Stark, click Install. You should be good to go! Once you’re in a design file, navigate to your Plugins in your top menu bar and find Stark ready to use.


After opening Figma, navigate to the left side panel and click on Plugins. From there, you can:

  1. Check the Popular section for Stark
  2. Scroll down to Browse all plugins.
    - A quick type of Stark into search will bring our page up.
    - Click on Stark > Install 

Voila, time to get started :) 

If these installation instructions don't work for you, or you run into some trouble doing so, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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