So you just purchased your Stark subscription, and we’re stoked to have you! Now it’s time to install (if you haven’t already) and activate it in order to start using those upgraded features.

After purchase, you’re taken to a confirmation screen where we make it easy for you to copy your license. In addition to that, you would have received two emails:

  • A receipt of purchase
  • Your license key

In the event that you didn’t copy the license key from the confirmation page, the license key email is the magic one you want! Hang on to that, because it’ll be what you reference in the event that you need to re-register (for whatever reason). 

Didn’t receive one? Go ahead and navigate to your Spam or Junk folder to see if it [accidentally] landed there. 

Let’s get this activated:

  1. Grab your license key and open up the software of choice that you want to use Stark in.
  2. Navigate to: Plugins > Stark > Registration
  3. Paste your License key in and click Activate

And voila! Enjoy using Stark. We can’t wait to see the products you create. <3

Note: Sometimes new licenses get snagged upon creation and need a bit of a reset. If you go to register your license and the software you’re in tells you you need to register your license, don’t worry! That’s an easy fix. Check out our post on refreshing your subscription.

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