So you're at the point where you need to see how your design looks for a variety of different types of colorblindness? We're glad you've reached that step!

Running the simulator

Whether in Sketch or Adobe XD, you can access the simulator in two ways:

  • 1. Click on Plugins > Stark > Colorblind Simulator
  • 2. Select your artboard and hit Shift + Cmd + U ¬†on Mac or Shift + Ctrl + U on Windows.

Choose the type of colorblindness

Once you run it, select the type of colorblindness you want to simulate and how much you'd like to zoom.

Getting a clear view

Want a better view of the entire design? Once you've zoomed in, hover over the image window and scroll around to get a better look at all areas of your design.

Satisfied with the way it looks? Go ahead, hit done, and keep on designing!

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